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• 17 Jan 1965 - Capt. Joe H. Engle honored by the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce as one of American's Top Ten Young Men of 1964 for his X-15 flights.

• 17 Jan 1991 - Strikes by B-52G's and F-117A's open the Gulf War.

Constituting less than 2.5 percent of all coalition aircraft, F-117A Stealth fighter-bomber crews attack more than 31 percent of Iraqi strategic targets during the first day of the Gulf War.

• 17 Jan 1991 - Capt Jon K. "J.B." Kelk, shot down a MiG-29 with an AIM-7 missile at 0310L in the vicinity of Mudaysis, Iraq. Capt Kelk was a 58 Tactical Fighter Squadron F-15C pilot assigned to the 33d Tactical Fighter Wing (Provisional).

• 17 Jan 1992 - In a move to modernize its fleet of training aircraft, the Air Force accepts the first production model T-1A Jayhawk.

• 17 Jan 1993 - An F-16 Fighting Falcon shot down an Iraqi MiG over northern Iraq.

• 17 Jan 1994 - A massive earthquake devastated Los Angeles. Six C-5 Galaxies and C-141 Starlifters flew 270 disaster specialists and 340,000 pounds of cargo to Southern California through Jan. 25th.

• 18 Jan 1956 - The U.S. Air Force issued a requirement for a short-range air-launched decoy missile that would simulate a B-52 on radar. It later became the GAM-72A Quail.

• 18 Jan 1965 - President Johnson announced the Short Range Attack Missile program during his defense message to Congress.

• 18 Jan 1988 - The Space Shuttle "Columbia" landed at Edwards AFB, Calif. after what became the last shuttle mission before the "Challenger" accident.

• 18 Jan 1988 - The Minuteman missile program passed a major milestone with the launch of its 100th missile. (See Feb.1, 1961, for the first launch).

• 18 Jan 1991 - U.S. Air Force aircraft based at Incirlik AB, Turkey, attacked targets in northern Iraq to prevent the reinforcement of enemy forces defending Kuwait.

• 18 Jan 1993 - F-4G Phantom IIs attacked surface-to-air missile sites in northern Iraq after being fired upon. F-16s also bombed an Iraqi airfield after being shot at by anti-aircraft artillery batteries.

• 19 Jan 1968 - Maj. William J. Knight received his senior pilot astronaut wings and the Distinguished Flying Cross for his 50-mile high flight in the X-15.

• 19 Jan 1976 - The 180th Tactical Fighter Group became the first Air National Guard unit to participate in a Red Flag exercise at Nellis AFB, Nev.

• 19 Jan 1985 - Two C-5 Galaxies and one C-141 from the 75th and 312th MAS moved 186 tons of relief supplies, including 2,400 tents, tarpaulins, plastic sheeting, and water trailers to Viti Levu Island to help over 3,000 homeless victims through Jan. 21.

• 20 Jan 1960 - A Strategic Air Command crew launched its first Titan I (a J-model) from Vandenberg AFB, Calif.

• 20 Jan 1975 - Teams began replacing 50 Minuteman IIs in the 564th SMS at Malmstrom AFB, Mont., with Minuteman IIIs.

• 20 Jan 1988 - The Air Force signed its first B-1B production contract with Rockwell International.

• 20 Jan 1992 - A 60th Military Airlift Wing C-5 airlifted 56 tons of supplies through Jan. 25, from Japan to Mongolia, which suffered from shortages of health care resources.

• 21 Jan 1951 - Lt. Col. William E. Bertram became the first F-84 Thunderjet pilot to shoot down a MiG-15 in the Korean War.

• 21 Jan 1957 - The U.S. Air Force received its first five Cessna T-37 trainers.

• 21 Jan 1958 - The Air Force first used Cessna T-37s in student pilot training with Class 59-D at Bainbridge AB, Ga.

• 21 Jan 1984 - The anti-satellite missile completed its first free flight test from an F-15 Eagle carrier.

• 21 Jan 1985 - Maj. Ralph B. Filburn launched the first anti-satellite missile to a point-in-space from an F-15.

• 21 Jan 1987 - The First B-1B, named the "Wings of Freedom," arrived at Ellsworth AFB, S.D.

• 21 Jan 1991 - Capt. Paul T. Johnson in his A-10 Thunderbolt II found a downed Navy fighter pilot, who had ejected in Iraq territory. Captain Johnson destroyed a threatening Iraqi truck, which allowed an Air Force MH-53J Pave Low helicopter to rescue the pilot. For his efforts, Captain Johnson received the Air Force Cross.

• 22 Jan 1953 - Strategic Air Command tested the combat capabilities of its first B-47 unit, the 306 BMW at MacDill AFB, Fla., in Exercise Ski Try through Feb. 20. The exercise led to a 90-day rotational mission in England later in the year.

• 22 Jan 1959 - Capt. William B. White flew an F-105 Thunderchief from Eielson AFB, Alaska to Eglin AFB, Fla. He flew 3,850 miles in five hours, 27 minutes on a nonstop flight between points in the U.S.

• 22 Jan 1980 - Under the Integrated Improvement Program, teams upgraded the 351 SMW's Minuteman silos and installed the Command Data Buffer System at Whiteman AFB, Mo.

• 23 Jan 1964 - The Air Force launched a Titan II ICBM from an underground silo at Vandenberg AFB, Calif., in a 5,000-mile flight down the Pacific Missile Range.

• 24 Jan 1944 - Twelfth Air Force provided air cover for Allied units landing on Anzio beach in Italy. U.S. control of the air played a major role in defending the beachhead.

• 24 Jan 1973 - The Spirit of '76, the VC-137 in which Lyndon B. Johnson became President in 1963, flew his body from Texas to Wash., D.C. in a final tribute.

• 24 Jan 1978 - Tactical Air Command deployed eight F-15 Eagles from Langley AFB, Va. to Osan AB, South Korea. This was the first operational training deployment of the F-15s to the western Pacific.

• 24 Jan 1985 - The Discovery flew the 15th Space Shuttle mission with Col. Loren J. Shriver leading the four-man crew on the first dedicated DOD mission to "probably" deliver an intelligence satellite through Jan. 27th.• 25 Jan 1949 - The U.S. Air Force adopted a slate-blue uniform.