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• 09 Apr 1944- Eighth Air Force sent 542 bombers with 719 fighter escorts from VIII and IX Fighter Commands, against German and Polish targets. The mission lost 32 bombers and 10 fighters, while three B-17s were interned in Sweden

• 09 Apr 1957-The KB-50J, jet-augmented tanker, made its first flight.

• 09 Apr 1964-The last Titan II reach and development launch from Cape Kennedy succeeded.

• 09 Apr 1967 - The 315th Air Division began the largest tactical unit move in the Vietnam War lasting through April 14. In 351 sorties, C-130s airlifted the entire 196th Light Infantry Brigade, with 3,500 people and 4,000 tons of equipment, 375 miles from Tay Ninh to Chu Lai.

• 09 Apr 1992 - MH-53 Pave Low helicopters, KC-135 Stratotankers, C-130 Hercules, MC-130 Combat Talons, and AC-130 Spectre gunships evacuated more than 2,000 noncombatants in 94 missions from Liberia during civil unrest in support of Operation Assured Response.

• 09 Apr 1997 - Rollout of the Lockheed-Martin-Boeing F-22 Raptor stealth air superiority fighter designed to secure air dominance for the United States in the 21st century.

• 10 Apr 1953-The U.S. Air Force decided to adopt the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (MIT's Lincoln Laboratory electronic defense system) instead of the Air Defense Integrated System development.

• 10 Apr 1959-Northrop's YT-38 Talon prototype, a replacement for the T-33 training jet, flew its first flight at Edwards AFB, Calif.

• 10 Apr 1967 - Strategic Air Command accomplished the beddown of B-52s at U-Tapao, Thailand with the first three aircraft arriving for Operation Poker Dice. Later in the day, the B-52s from U-Tapao flew their first bombing mission in the Vietnam War. Combat sorties averaged three hours in duration as compared to 12 hours for Guam-based aircraft.

• 10 Apr 1970 - Air Training Command shipped 872 trainers under the Project Pacer Bravo program to support an Improvement and Modernization Program for the Vietnamese air force.

• 10 Apr 1972 - Vietnam: For the first time since NOV 67, American B-52 bombers reportedly begin bombing North Vietnam.

• 10 Apr 1973 - The first flight of the T-43A, navigation trainer, or military version of Boeing's advanced 737-200 aircraft.

• 10 Apr 1973 - The United States Air Forces in Europe hosted the first overseas deployment of the new Airborne Warning and Control System through April 30.

• 10 Apr 1974 - The U.S. Air Forces in Europe C-130 Hercules aircraft, crews and communicators supported Operation Nimbus Star to sweep the Suez Canal free of mines and other obstacles to navigation.

• 10 Apr 1975 - The B-1 Lancer aircraft attains supersonic flight speed for the first time.

• 10 Apr 1994 - In support of Operation Deny Flight, two U.S. Air Force F-16s attacked a Bosnian Serb command post at Gorazde following an attack on U.N. personnel. This attack was the first close air support mission in this operation and the first air-to-ground bombing in NATO history.

• 10 Apr 1994 - Air Mobility Command C-141s evacuated 242 American citizens and other foreigners from Rwanda while airlifting Belgian forces on 12 C-5 missions from Belgium to Kenya for possible military intervention in Rwanda. After an airplane carrying the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi crashed suspiciously, violence in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, erupted and claimed tens of thousands of lives.

• 11 Apr 1942 – The Curtiss-Wright company unveiled its first production C-46 Commando. The C-46 eventually became the largest and heaviest twin-engined aircraft used by the Army Air Forces. Due to its load capacity and high altitude performance, the AAF primarily used it in the Pacific region and the Commando became an important factor in the success of the “Hump” airlift over the Himalayas.

• 11 Apr 1944- Lt. Edward Michael received the Medal of Honor after cannon shells riddled his B-17 Flying Fortress wounding most of the crew. As the crew left the plane, he noticed that the bombardier's parachute was badly damaged. He decided to try crash landing. He evaded German fighters before taking the crippled plane down to 100 feet above the ground and amazingly flew across the English Channel to a base. With the wheels and flaps inoperable, and the B-17's bomb bay doors jammed open, the seriously wounded Lt. Michael still had enough strength left to skillfully land the bomber on its belly.

• 11 Apr 1957-The Ryan X-13 Vertijet showed its ability to takeoff vertically, transition to conventional flight, and return to hovering for the first time.

• 11 Apr 1963-A 6595th Aerospace Test Wing crew launched the first Minuteman I from Vandenberg AFB, Calif.

• 11 Apr 1966 - Airman 1st Class William H. Pitsenbarger, a pararescueman, hoisted nine soldiers to safety aboard a HH-43 Huskie and then remained behind to treat the wounded amid heavy mortar and sniper fire. In the ensuing battle near Cam My, South Vietnam, he was mortally wounded. He became the first airman to receive the Air Force Cross posthumously. The Air Force later upgraded the award to the Medal of Honor.

• 11 Apr 1969 - A Strategic Air Command missile crew, with help from Air Force Systems Command technicians, launched the first Minuteman III missile from Vandenberg AFB, Calif.

• 11 Apr 1970 - Tactical Air Command gained its first Air National Guard tactical airlift unit with the reorganization of the 146th Tactical Airlift Wing in the California Air National Guard.

• 11 Apr 1970 - The U. S. Air Force Southern Command personnel and aircraft began operations to assist thousands of flood victims in Costa Rica and Panama.

• 11 Apr 1990 - Vandenberg AFB, Calif., launched the 19th consecutive Atlas booster. It carried an Air Force/Navy payload called the Stacksat, with three small satellites and four atmospheric and geodetic experiments.

• 11 Apr 1990 - A C-5 moved the first European-based ground launched cruise missile scheduled for destruction under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

• 12 Apr 1942 – Brig. Gen. Ralph Royce led three B-17’s and ten B-25’s in an attack on Japanese shipping and installations in the Philippines. These planes based at Darwin, Australia, staged at Mindanao in the Philippines and returned to complete a 4,000 –mile round trip.

• 12 Apr 1947-Capt. William P. Odom, pilot; T. Carroll Sallee, navigator and Milton Reynolds, owner, flew the Reynolds Bombshell through April 15, a converted A-26 from La Guardia Field, N.Y., on a 20,000-mile around-the-world-flight. They landed back at La Guardia, after a 78-hour, 56-minute flight. Because they did not apply to the FAI before the flight, their effort was declared an unofficial record.

• 12 Apr 1960-A 4135th Strategic Wing B-52G crew at Eglin AFB, Fla., launched a Hound Dog missile at the end of a 20-hour, 30-minute flight to the North Pole and back. This test called Operation Blue Nose, verified the ability of the B-52 and missile to operate in temperatures as low as 75 degrees below zero.

• 12 Apr 1965-Strategic Air Command took the last Atlas F missiles from alert with the 551st Strategic Missile Squadron, Lincoln AFB, Neb. to phase out this weapon system.

• 12 Apr 1966 - Three C-141s from Travis AFB, Calif., tested for the first time the use of C-141s for mass airdrops of troops and equipment in an exercise at Fort Bragg, N.C.

• 12 Apr 1972 - The 13th Bomb Squadron flew the final Tropic Moon night combat mission from Sept. 15, 1970 through April 12, 1972 at Ubon Royal Thai AFB, Thailand. In May, its personnel and equipment moved to Forbes AFB, Kan. The 13th inactivated on Sept. 30, 1973.

• 12 Apr 1988 - The first F-16C/D Fighting Falcon is delivered to Luke AFB, AZ.

• 12 Apr 1991 - F-15 Eagle aircrews, stationed at Galena Airport, Alaska, intercepted their first Soviet AN-74 Coaler aircraft.

• 12 Apr 1991 - NATO initiated sorties to protect zones in Bosnia from hostile aircraft. The U.S. Air Force provided most of the resources for Operation Deny Flight.

• 12 Apr 1993 - NATO initiated sorties to protect zones in Bosnia from hostile aircraft. The U.S. Air Force provided most of the resources for Operation Deny Flight.

• 13 Apr 1959-The U.S. Air Force launched the Discoverer II satellite from Vandenberg AFB, Calif., into a polar orbit. It ejected an information capsule.

• 13 Apr 1960-Maj. R.M. White became the first U.S. Air Force pilot to fly the X-15 rocket research aircraft.

• 13 Apr 1972 - Vandenberg AFB, Calif. launched the last Minuteman II in Phase I operational tests.

• 13 Apr 1973 - The United States Air Forces in Europe accepted the responsibility to staff and train the Iranian Air Force in F-4 Phantom operations.

• 13 Apr 1992 - A KC-135 delivered 22,000 pounds of fuel to the C-17 test aircraft to demonstrate the new airlifter's ability to be refueled while airborne.

• 14 Apr 1940 – The first Air Corps detachment assigned to an Alaskan station arrived at Fairbanks, Alaska 

• 14 Apr 1943 - A P-47 Thunderbolt shot down an enemy aircraft, the first kill over Europe. The aircraft was assigned to the 4th Fighter Group at Seymour-Johnson AFB, S.C.

• 14 Apr 1960-Tactical Air Command's first RB-66C quarterly rotation to Europe, called Swamp Fox, took place through June 16.

• 14 Apr 1966 - The C-141A's first airdrops from an altitude below 1,200 feet were made at Fort Bragg, N.C. The aircraft made "jeep size" drops from 700 feet.

• 14 Apr 1972 - During the Battle of An Loc, C-130s airdropped 4,853 tons in 359 sorties to the besieged garrison at An Loc to prevent a North Vietnamese take over through June 30. The C-130s used high-altitude airdrops for the first time to resupply U.S. forces. By the time the road routes to An Loc reopened on July 23, the C-130s had flown 763 sorties to deliver 10,081 tons of supplies. B-52 attacks provided essential close air support to embattled troops.

• 14 Apr 1986 - The U.S. forces launch Operation Eldorado Canyon, a retaliatory bombing raid in response to terrorist activities supported by Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi.

• 15 Apr 1945- The XP-82 Twin Mustang first flew.

• 15 Apr 1946-The U.S. Army Air Forces changed an aircraft crew training facility at Muroc Field into a jet and rocket airplane research center. 16 Apr 1946-The U.S. Army launched a V-2 rocket, the first in the U.S., at White Sands Proving Ground, N.M.

• 15 Apr 1952-The YB-52, eight-jet Stratofortress prototype, the first all-jet intercontinental heavy bomber, makes its first flight.

• 15 Apr 1957-The Air Force activated the 1st Missile Division at Los Angeles to plan and prepare for future operational missile units. It was assigned to the Air Force Research and Development Command.

• 15 Apr 1959-Flying a RF-101 Voodoo on a closed-circuit course at Edwards AFB, Calif., Capt. George A. Edwards Jr, set a new speed record of 816.279 mph.

• 15 Apr 1960-The U.S. Air Force launched the Discoverer XI into polar orbit from the Pacific Missile Range

• 15 Apr 1965-The U.S. Air Force shipped the last Titan I from the 725th Strategic Missile Squadron, Lowry AFB, Colo., to storage facilities.

• 15 Apr 1968- Strategic Air Command opened a Replacement Training Unit at Castle AFB, Calif., to cross-train B-52F through B-52H aircrews in B-52D conventional bombing operations.

• 15 Apr 1972 - The last F-100 Super Sabre left the U.S. Air Forces in Europe.

• 15 Apr 1974 - The Air Force conducted a flyover between the Fairchild A-10 and the LTV A-7D Consair at McConnell AFB, Kan., from April 15 to May 9. The A-10 won.

• 16 Apr 1946-The U.S. Army launched a V-2 rocket, the first in the U.S., at White Sands Proving Ground, N.M.

• 16 Apr 1949-The YF-94 Starfire first flew.

• 16 Apr 1949 - The peak day of Berlin Airlift, referred to as the “Easter Parade.” 12,941 tons are delivered on 1383 sorties into Berlin.

• 16 Apr 1951-Strategic Air Command re-designated its RB-50Bs by missions: RB-50Es were used for photo reconnaissance, Fs for photo mapping and Gs for electronic reconnaissance.

• 16 Apr 1956-Lockheed unveiled its F-104A Starfighter at Palmdale, Calif.

• 16 Apr 1969 - The first Minuteman II operational test launch from Vandenberg AFB, Calif., was unsuccessful.

• 16 Apr 1973 - The U.S. Air Force B-52s resumed bombing against North Vietnamese positions in Laos following reports that communist forces overran a town in the Plaine des Jarres.