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• 09 Jun 1944 - WWII: First day of the Battle of the Philippine Sea. 300 Japanese aircrafts shot down.

• 09 Jun 1945 - About 110 B-29s attacked the aircraft factories at Nagoya, Osaka, and Kobe, Japan.

• 09 Jun 1961 - Delivery of the first C-135 Stratolifter jet cargo aircraft marks the beginning of modernization of Military Air Transport Service's former all-propeller-driven fleet.

• 09 Jun 1964 - Four KC-135s from Clark AB, Philippines, refueled eight F-100s from Da Nang AB, South Vietnam, on an attack against anti-aircraft batteries in North Laos. Pacific Air Forces RF-101Cs and KB-50Js supported the strike.

• 09 Jun 1983 - C-5B fabrication began almost three months early.

• 09 Jun 1995 - A B-2 Spirit flew its first Global Power mission by flying from Whiteman AFB, Mo., to the Netherlands in 12 hours. It simulated a bomb drop.

• 09 Jun 1999 - Operation Allied Force ended. More than 800 SAMs were fired at NATO aircraft, but only one F-117 and one F-16 were downed. Another F-117 suffered minor damage from a SA-3 that exploded nearby and two A-10s were damaged by anti-aircraft artillery fire. During the campaign, 35,219 sorties were flown, 16,587 non-precision guided missiles and 6,728 precision guided missiles (23,315) were dropped

• 10 Jun 1943 - The U.S. Army Air Forces and British Royal Air Force initiated the Combined Bomber Offensive against Germany. In that offensive, Eighth Air Force attacked enemy industrial targets by day, while the RAF hit enemy cities by night.

• 10 Jun 1948 - The U.S. Air Force confirmed that Capt. Chuck Yeager had repeatedly attained supersonic speeds in the Bell X-1 (formerly XS-1).

• 10 Jun 1967 - At Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz., the 570th Strategic Missile Squadron became Strategic Air Command's first operational Titan II squadron.

• 10 Jun 1967 - The U.S. Air Force completed a $52 million airbase at Tuy Hoa, Vietnam, in one year. It was the first base to be designed and built completely under Air Force supervision in Project Turn Key.

• 10 Jun 1969 - Air Force Systems Command gave the number one X-15 rocket-powered, manned research aircraft to the Smithsonian Institution for display.

• 10 Jun 1974 - Northrop's YF-17 achieved Mach 1.1 at Edwards AFB, Calif., without using its afterburner. This was the first time a U.S. aircraft had reached this speed in level flight.

• 10 Jun 1982 - Capt. Kelly S.C. Hamilton, then Strategic Air Command's only female aircraft commander, joined copilot 1st Lt. Linda Martin, navigators Capt. Cathy Bacon and 1st Lt. Diane Oswald and boom operator Sgt. Jackie Hale on a five-hour KC-135 training sortie from Castle AFB, Calif. Strategic Air Command's first all-female crew, nicknamed "Fair Force One," made a historic flight. An all-female ground crew prepared the aircraft for its flight.

• 10 Jun 1989 - Capt. Jacqueline S. Parker became the first female pilot to graduate from U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School.

• 10 Jun 1997 - Lt. Col. Frank J. Kisner and his MC-130 crew from the 352nd Special Operations Group evacuated 56 people, including 30 U.S. citizens from Brazzaville, Congo, after an outbreak of civil strife. For this outstanding flight of the year, Lt. Col. Kisner and his crew earned the Mackay Trophy.

• 10 Jun 1998 - Air Mobility Command flew 33 C-5, two C-141 and seven KC-135 missions to support President William J. Clinton's nine-day trip to China, lasting through July 8. In this first trip to China by a U.S. President since 1989, President Clinton met with Chinese President Jiang Zemin in Beijing on June 27 in a summit meeting before visiting Shanghai and Xian, China's ancient capital.

• 10 Jun 1999 - NATO suspended airstrikes against Yugoslavia after its president agreed to withdraw Serb forces from Kosovo. That capitulation made Operation Allied Force the first war won by airpower alone. Meanwhile, through July 8 Air Mobility Command airlifters deployed Task Force Falcon and elements of Task Force Hawk to Macedonia to help constitute the U.S. military portion of the Kosovo Force, the multinational peacekeeping force in Kosovo.

• 11 Jun 1945 - The 393rd Bombardment Squadron aircrews arrived at Tinian Island in the Marianas from Wendover AFB, Utah. Their aircraft, Boeing B-29s, were the only combat planes assigned to the 509th Composite Group, which later dropped atomic bombs on Japan..

• 11 Jun 1948 - The U.S. Air Force revised its aircraft designations from "P" (for pursuit) to "F" (for fighter).

• 11 Jun 1957 - Assigned to the 4080th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, the first U-2 high-altitude, long-range reconnaissance aircraft arrives at Laughlin AFB, Texas. The U-2 can fly 10-hour missions at exceptionally high altitudes at a top speed of 600 mph.

• 11 Jun 1972 - B-52s, using laser-guided bombs, destroyed a major hydroelectric plant near Hanoi, North Vietnam.

• 11 Jun 1993 - AC-130 Spectre gunships joined a U.N. raid on Somali warlord forces to retaliate for a June 5 attack on U.N. forces in Mogadishu during Operation Continue Hope.

• 11 Jun 1996 - Air Combat Command received its first J-8 JSTARS aircraft.

• 12 Jun 1942 – Twelve B-24’s raided oil refineries in Ploesti, Rumania, unsuccessfully. This was the first heavy bomber attack in Europe during World War II. Col. Harry A Halverson led the Raid from Fayid, Egypt.

• 12 Jun 1948 - Congress passes the Women's Armed Service Integration Act, establishing Women in the Air Force.

• 12 Jun 1972 - At Edwards AFB, Calif., Maj. Buzz Lynch became the first U.S. Air Force pilot to fly the A-10A.

• 13 Jun 1943 - Eighth Air Force lost 26 of 60 bombers in a raid on Kiel, Germany. That mission demonstrated the need for fighter escorts.

• 13 Jun 1962 - Capt. Richard H. Coan flew the H-43B Huskie helicopter to a world distance record of 656.258 miles over a 25-mile closed-course at Mono Lake, Calif.

• 13 Jun 1968 - A Titan IIIC launch vehicle placed eight initial Defense Communication Satellite Program jam-proof satellites into an equatorial orbit, for a total of 26 to extend the system's life span.

• 13 Jun 1995 - A B-2 bomber dropped a precision guided munition on target in a test of a Global Positioning System aided munition. The test occurred at China Lake, Calif.

• 13 Jun 1999 - A KC-135R and aircrew from the 319th Air Refueling Wing at Grand Forks AFB, N.D., flying with the 92nd Air Expeditionary Wing in southern Europe, performed the first-ever combat sortie in a Pacer CRAG-modified KC-135 while supporting Operation Allied Force. Although Pacer CRAG tankers had been deployed to Southwest Asia to support Operation Southern Watch, the June 13 mission marked the first time a Pacer CRAG aircraft had logged actual combat time.

• 14 Jun 1981 - U.S. Air Forces in Europe sent six F-15s from the 36th Tactical Fighter Wing and one from the 32nd Tactical Fighter Wing to Nellis AFB, Nev., to participate in a Red Flag exercise. This participation was a first for the command.

• 14 Jun 1991 - Following the volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo, the U.S. Air Force conducted the largest U.S. airlift evacuation since the Vietnam War. Through June 28, the U.S. Air Force evacuated military members and their dependents from Clark AB and Subic Bay Naval Station in the Philippines to the U.S. Civil aircraft, C-5s, C-130s, and C-141s carried more than 18,000 people to safety.

• 14 Jun 1993 - The 437th Airlift Wing at Charleston AFB, S.C., received its first operational McDonnell Douglas C-17A Globemaster III.

• 15 Jun 1944 - Brig. Gen. LaVerne G. Saunders, XX Bomber Command, led the first B-29 strike against Japan. In that raid, 47 B-29s flew from bases in Chengtu, China, to attack steel mills at Yawata on Kyushu.

• 15 Jun 1959 - The 463rd Tactical Carrier Wing at Sewart AFB, Tenn., received the first C-130B.

• 15 Jun 1963 - The Air Force launched its 200th Thor missile.

• 15 Jun 1965 - Strategic Air Command declared the 400th Strategic Missile Squadron to be operational at Francis E. Warren AFB, Wyo. This act ended the deployment of 800 Minuteman Is in 16 squadrons.

• 15 Jun 1969 - The second C-5A set several records; heaviest takeoff at 762,800 pounds and heaviest landing with 600,000 pounds.

• 15 Jun 1970 - A C-130 flew the final Blind Bat flare mission over the "Barrel Roll" area of Laos. The Pacific Air Forces' C-130s involved in this mission returned to Naha AB, Okinawa.

• 15 Jun 1971 - The first Titan III-D space booster launched from Vandenberg, AFB, Calif. It was a two-stage liquid-fueled, core vehicle with two additional outboard strap-on thrust pods of solid propellant.

• 15 Jun 1972 - A 42nd Bombardment Wing B-52G crew from Loring AFB, Maine, launched the first operational short range attack missile at White Sands Missile Range, N.M.

• 15 Jun 1978 - Strategic Air Command demilitarized and removed the last Hound Dog missiles from its inventory at the 42nd BMW, Loring AFB, Maine.

• 15 Jun 1984 - The first Peacekeeper with a Mark-21 Reentry Vehicle completed a flight test at Vandenberg AFB, Calif.

• 15 Jun 1984 - Military Airlift Command C-130s flew 4.5 tons of pumps and other equipment from Dyess AFB, Texas to Kansas City, Mo., to assist in flood fighting efforts in northwest Missouri.

• 16 Jun 1941 – Consolidated’s B-24 Liberator entered the Air Corps inventory. It flew faster and farther than the B-17. Over 18,000 B-24’s entered the inventory.

• 16 Jun 1959 - The first F-105s arrived at Seymour Johnson AFB, N.C.

• 16 Jun 1965 - Air Force Systems Command directed its Aeronautical Systems Division to begin the prerequisite studies for the F-X fighter.

• 16 Jun 1966 - In the first Titan III-C launch from the Eastern Test Range, the U.S. Air Force placed seven Defense Communications Satellite Program repeaters and one gravity-gradient satellite into a random, near synchronous, equatorial orbit. This formed the nucleus of a world-wide military communications system that would have 15 other satellites.

• 16 Jun 1971 - The U.S. Air Force and NASA signed an agreement to conduct joint Transonic Aircraft Technology Program to explore application of supercritical wing technology to highly maneuverable advanced aircraft. The F-111 became the test bed aircraft.

• 16 Jun 1971 - Four C-130s from Pope AFB, N.C., flew 308 sorties through July 18, to support the humanitarian airlift of East Pakistan refugees from the Indian border state of Tripura to resettlement areas in Gauhati further inland during Operation Bonny Jack. On return flights, the C-130s carried more than 1,750 tons of rice to feed refugees remaining in Tripura. On the deployment from the United States, the aircraft delivered one million doses of anti-cholera vaccine to India.