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Air Force Monthly Historical Dates

JANUARY 1st - 31st

• 01 Jan 1944 - U.S. Strategic Air Forces in Europe is activated.

• 01 Jan 1947 - The Pacific Air Command, U.S. Army was re-designated Far East Air Forces (FEAF). Seventh Air Force in Hawaii transferred to Army Air Forces on Jan. 1, and then was designated Pacific Air Command on Dec. 15.

• 01 Jan 1958 - The U.S. Air Force moved the 1st Missile Division and the 704th Strategic Missile Wing to Cooke AFB, Calif. This was the Strategic Air Command's first ballistic missile wing.

• 01 Jan 1962 - Construction ended on the Idaho first squadron of Model A Minuteman I facilities at Malmstrom AFB, Mont. Strategic Air Command also activated its third and last Model A squadron, the 490th Strategic Missile Squadron.

• Jan 1965 - The U.S. Air Force's first SR-71 unit, the 4200th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, activates at Beale 01 AFB, Calif.

• 01 Jan 1966 - Military Air Transport Service is re-designated Military Airlift Command. Air Rescue Service becomes Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service. Air Photographic and Charting Service is renamed Aerospace Audio-Visual Service.

• 01 Jan 1966 - Air National Guard airlift units started flying about 75 cargo flights a month to Southeast Asia. Additionally, the ANG flew about 100-plus flights a month to augment the Military Airlift Command's global airlift mission.

• 01 Jan 1967-The Air Force received 140 CV-2 Caribou from the

U.S. Army. This marked the first time that an entire inventory of an aircraft transferred from one service to another.

• 01 Jan 1969 - The 71st Special Operations Squadron flew the first AC-119 gunship combat mission in Vietnam.

• 01 Jan 1973 - The 509th Bombardment Wing became the first FB-111 unit to use operational short-range attack missiles at Pease AFB, N.H.

• 01 Jan 1983 - Military Airlift Command assigned its 375th Aero-medical Airlift Wing to the 23rd Air Force along with the aero-medical evacuation mission, C-9 aircraft, and the operation of Scott AFB, Ill.

• 01 Jan 1988 - Strategic Air Command changed its crew assignment policy to permit mixed male and female crews in Minuteman and Peacekeeper launch facilities. The male and females were segregated before.

• 02 Jan 1948 - In Japan, two P-80 Shooting Stars attained 778 mph with aid of tail winds.

• 02 Jan 1954 - Col. Willard W. Millikan set a Federation Aeronautique International record for a cross-country flight in an F-86F Sabre jet averaging 612 mph from Los Angeles to New York in four hours and eight minutes.

• 02 Jan 1967 - Col. Robin Olds, the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing Commander, shot down a MiG and became the only Air Force ace with aerial victories in World War II and the Vietnam War.

• 02 Jan 1968 - Col. Henry Brown and Lt. Col. Joe B. Jordan became the first U.S. Air Force pilots to use an F-111A's emergency escape module when their plane crashed near Edwards AFB, Calif.

• 03 Jan 1945 - Fifty-seven of 97 B-29s bombed Nagoya, Japan, in a test-bombing mission to determine the efficacy of fire bombing over conventional high-explosive bombing. The inconclusive results gave the Japanese the mistaken impression that their fire-prevention system was adequate.

• 03 Jan 1993 - President George Bush and Soviet President Boris Yeltsin signed the second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty to reduce nuclear bombers, missiles, bombs and warheads.

• 04 Jan 1957 - A joint Army-Tactical Air Command airlift effort supported Project Reorganization and Testing of Airborne Division near Fort Bragg, N.C., through Jan. 28.

• 04 Jan 1985 - Maj. Patricia M. Young becomes the first woman commander of an Air Force Space Command unit - Detachment 1, 20th Missile Warning Squadron.

• 04 Jan 1994 - A C-130 Hercules aircraft squadron composed of Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard personnel Joins Operation Provide Promise to deliver relief supplies to Bosnia. It is called "Delta Squadron" and operates from Rhein-Main AB, Germany.

• 05 Jan 1949 - Capt. Charles E. Yeager, flying the X-1, was air-launched at an altitude of 23,000 feet.

• 05 Jan 1954 - Col. Willard W. Millikan set a speed record, when he flew an F-86F Sabre between New York and Washington, D.C. in 24 minutes.

• 05 Jan 1968 - The Air Force Academy implemented the T-41 Cessna Mescalero Light Plane flight program.

• 05 Jan 1972 - President Richard M. Nixon announced his decision to develop a Space Shuttle system.

• 06 Jan 1944 - Maj. Gen. James Doolittle assumed command of the 8th Air Force.

• 06 Jan 1965 - The General Dynamics F-111A demonstrated the ability to fly with its wings swept back in its first flight.

• 06 Jan 1978 - Vandenberg AFB, Calif., launched a Minuteman III, carrying three Mark 12A reentry vehicles, to study an experimental nose tip and heat shield materials.

• 06 Jan 1979 - The 388th Tactical Fighter Wing, Hill AFB, Utah, accepted Tactical Air Command's first F-16 Fighting Falcon.

• 07 Jan 1952 - The Air Force announces plans to increase its effective combat strength by 50 percent and personnel by 20 percent. The result will be a full 143-wing, 1,273,200-person Air Force.

• 07 Jan 1959 - A 1959 U.S. Air Force study of UFOs reveals fewer than one percent could be classified as unknown.

• 07 Jan 1966 - The U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce named U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Edward H. White, a Gemini IV Astronaut, one of the 10 outstanding young men of 1965

• 08 Jan 1959 - Two ski-equipped C-130s from Tactical Air Command recovered equipment and people through Jan. 16 from Ice Island Charlie, after it began to break up 450-miles northwest of Point Barrow, Alaska.

• 08 Jan 1964 - The Air Force received its last F-105D aircraft.

• 08 Jan 1965 - Strategic Air Command's last test Atlas F launched from Vandenberg AFB, Calif.

• 08 Jan 1970 - Col. Douglas H. Frost set flight endurance record for A-7D Corsair IIs, making a ten-hour flight from Edwards AFB, Calif. with two round trips to New Mexico and covered 5,000 miles with one air refueling.

• 08 Jan 1973 - Tactical Airlift Command flew its first Weapons System Evaluation Program mission under the program name Combat Echo.

• 08 Jan 1973 - In a F-4D Phantom, Capt. Paul D. Howman and 1st Lt. Lawrence W. Kullman shot down a MiG southwest of Hanoi with a radar-guided AIM-7 missile. This was the last aerial victory before the North Vietnamese signed the cease-fire agreement, which went into effect on Jan 29.

• 08 Jan 1977 - The first YC-141B (stretched C-141A Starlifter) rolls out of the Lockheed-Georgia Marietta plant. It is 23.3 feet longer than the original C-141A and capable of in-flight refueling.

• 08 Jan 1986 - Military Airlift Command accepts delivery of its first C-5B Galaxy at Altus AFB, Okla

• 08 Jan 1988 - The Air Force let a $4.9 million contract to develop a new close air support and interdiction plane to replace the A-10.